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Malinauskaite, Laura; Cook, David; Davíðsdóttir, Brynhildur; Karami, Mehdi Pasha; Koenigk, Torben; Kruschke, Tim; Ögmundardóttir, Helga; Rasmussen, Marianne 2022 Connecting the dots: An interdisciplinary perspective on climate change effects on whales and whale watching in Skjálfandi Bay, Iceland Journal Article
Shields, Monika 2022 Commercial whale-watching reduces vessel incidents in the vicinity of killer whales in Washington State Journal Article
Koroza, Aleksandra; Evans, Peter G. H. 2022 Bottlenose Dolphin Responses to Boat Traffic Affected by Boat Characteristics and Degree of Compliance to Code of Conduct Journal Article
Westdal, Kristin H.; Richard, Pierre R.; Sportelli, Jessica; Gillis, Erica; Ferguson, Steve H. 2023 Beluga whale (Delphinapterus leucas) behaviour in the presence of whale-watching vessels Journal Article
Zahn, Peter; Kulike, Lynn; Bloechl, Armin 2022 Behavior of cetaceans in the waters south of Pico Island (Azores, Portugal) - data obtained during whale-watching 2020 Report
Dionisio, Mara; Mendes, Mafalda; Fernandez, Marc; Nisi, Valentina; Nunes, Nuno 2022 Aqua: Leveraging Citizen Science to Enhance Whale-Watching Activities and Promote Marine-Biodiversity Awareness Journal Article
Mustika, Putu Liza Kusuma; Welters, Riccardo; Ryan, Gerard Edward; D'Lima, Coralie; Sorongon-Yap, Patricia; Jutapruet, Suwat; Peter, Cindy 2017 A rapid assessment of wildlife tourism risk posed to cetaceans in Asia Journal Article
Sankalpa, Dissanayake Mudiyanselage Rajitha; Thilakarathne, Elle Pathirathnalage Darshana Nuwan; Lin, Wenzhi; Thilakanakayaka, Vidusanka; Kumarainghe, Chathurika Piumi; Liu, Mingming; Lin, Mingli; Li, Songhai 2021 Cetacean occurrence and diversity in whale-watching waters off Mirissa, Southern Sri Lanka Journal Article
Stack, Stephanie H.; Sprogis, Kate R.; Olson, Grace L.; Sullivan, Florence A.; Machernis, Abigail F.; Currie, Jens J. 2021 The Behavioural Impacts of Commercial Swimming With Whale Tours on Humpback Whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) in Hervey Bay, Australia Journal Article
Vidal, Marcelo Derzi; Santos, Priscila Maria da Costa; Parise, Marcelo; Chaves, Maria do Perpétuo Socorro Rodrigues 2021 From Food Supply to Contemplation: Proposition of Areas for Dolphin-Watching Tourism in the Anavilhanas National Park, Brazil Journal Article
Villalba-Briones, Ricardo; González-Narvaez, Mariela A.; Vitvar, Tomas 2021 How empathy-based sensitisation and knowledge reinforcement affect policy compliance: a case study of dolphin watching, Ecuador Journal Article
Almunia, Javier; Delponti, Patricia; Rosa, Fernando 2021 Using Automatic Identification System (AIS) Data to Estimate Whale Watching Effort Journal Article
Arranz, Patricia; de Soto, Natacha Aguilar; Madsen, Peter T.; Sprogis, Kate R. 2021 Whale-watch vessel noise levels with applications to whale-watching guidelines and conservation Journal Article
Arranz, P.; Glarou, M.; Sprogis, K. R. 2021 Decreased resting and nursing in short-finned pilot whales when exposed to louder petrol engine noise of a hybrid whale-watch vessel Journal Article
Avila, I. C.; Ortega, L.F.; Pretel, C.; Mayor, G. 2021 A decade of whale watching in an important tourist destination in the Pacific coast of Colombia: Challenges for proper management Journal Article
Gutiérrez-Muñoz, Paula; Walters, Alice E. M.; Dolman, Sarah J.; Pierce, Graham J. 2021 Patterns and Trends in Cetacean Occurrence Revealed by Shorewatch, a Land-Based Citizen Science Program in Scotland (United Kingdom) Journal Article
Pacheco, Aldo S.; Sepúlveda, Maritza; Corkeron, Peter 2021 Editorial: Whale-Watching Impacts: Science, Human Dimensions and Management Journal Article
Quintana Martín-Montalvo, Belén; Hoarau, Ludovic; Deffes, Ophélie; Delaspre, Sylvain; Delfour, Fabienne; Landes, Anne-Emmanuelle 2021 Dolphin Watching and Compliance to Guidelines Affect Spinner Dolphins’ (Stenella longirostris) Behaviour in Reunion Island Journal Article
Ransome, Nicola; Bejder, Lars; Jenner, Micheline; Penfold, Gavin; Brosig, Violeta J.; Kitson, Craig; Skjothaug, Rebecca; Neilson, Emma; Loneragan, Neil R.; Smith, Joshua N. 2021 Observations of parturition in humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) and occurrence of escorting and competitive behavior around birthing females Journal Article
Ransome, Nicola; Loneragan, Neil R.; Medrano-González, Luis; Félix, Fernando; Smith, Joshua N. 2021 Vessel Strikes of Large Whales in the Eastern Tropical Pacific: A Case Study of Regional Underreporting Journal Article

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