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Pagel, Chantal; Waltert, Matthias; Scheer, Michael; Lück, Michael 2021 Swimming with wild orcas in Norway: killer whale behaviours addressed towards snorkelers and divers in an unregulated whale watching market Book Section
Sambolino, Annalisa; Alves, Filipe; Fernandez, Marc; Krakauer, Anja Badenas; Ferreira, Rita; Dinis, Ana 2022 Spatial and temporal characterization of the exposure of island-associated cetacean populations to whale-watching in Madeira Island (NE Atlantic) Journal Article
Suárez-Rojas, Chaitanya; González Hernández, Matías; León, Carmelo J. 2023 Segmented importance-performance analysis in whale-watching: Reconciling ocean coastal tourism with whale preservation Journal Article
Gray, Chelsea; Schuler, Alicia R.; Parsons, E. C. M. 2022 Recent Advances in Whale-watching Research: 2019–2020 Journal Article
Tao, Min 2022 Sustainable whale-watching tourism or vulnerable "wild west" in the sea: The management and perceptions of different whale-watching actors in the Tromsø and Skjervøy regions Thesis
Ferdin, Arockia E. J.; Jhong, Yan-Cheng; Lee, Chun-Hung 2022 Integrating Multiple Perspectives Into an Impact Mitigation Program for Sustainable Whale and Dolphin Tourism Management Journal Article
Sousa, Andreia; Encarnação Coelho, Ricardo; Costa, Hugo; Capela Lourenço, Tiago; Azevedo, José Manuel Neto; Frazão Santos, Catarina 2023 Integrated climate, ecological and socioeconomic scenarios for the whale watching sector Journal Article
Silva, Ana Maria Conceição Alves da 2022 Influence of dolphin-watching tourism vessels on the whistle emission pattern of common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins Thesis
Toro, Frederick; Alarcón, Jaime ; Toro-Barros, Bárbara; Mallea, Gabriela; Capella, Juan; Umaran-Young, Clara; Abarca, Paulette; Lakestani, Nelly; Peña, Claudia; Alvarado-Rybak, Mario; Cruz, Franco; Vilina, Yerko; Gibbons, Jorge 2021 Spatial and Temporal Effects of Whale Watching on a Tourism-Naive Resident Population of Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in the Humboldt Penguin National Reserve, Chile Journal Article
Santos-Carvallo, Macarena; Barilari, Fernanda; Pérez-Alvarez, María José; Gutiérrez, Laura; Pavez, Guido; Araya, Héctor; Anguita, Cristobal; Cerda, Claudia; Sepúlveda, Maritza 2021 Impacts of Whale-Watching on the Short-Term Behavior of Fin Whales (Balaenoptera physalus) in a Marine Protected Area in the Southeastern Pacific Journal Article
Laute A; Grove TJ; Rasmussen MH; Smith A; Loisa O; Fournet MEH 2022 Impact of whale-watching vessels on humpback whale calling behavior on an Icelandic foraging ground during the Covid-19 pandemic Journal Article
Tkaczynski, Aaron 2021 I Can't Get No Satisfaction: Or Can I? Satisfying Australian Whale-Watching Tourists Journal Article
Hoberg, Rosie; Kannis-Dymand, Lee; Mulgrew, Kate; Schaffer, Vikki; Clark, Eleanor 2020 Humpback whale encounters: encouraging pro-environmental behaviours Journal Article
Kalaja, Anna-Emilia 2022 Human dimensions of whale-watching - What it means to people to see whales in the wild? Thesis
Oliveira, Cláudia; Perez-Jorge, Sergi; Prieto, Rui; Cascão, Irma; Wensveen, Paul J.; Silva, Mónica A. 2022 Exposure to whale watching vessels affects dive ascents and resting behavior in sperm whales Journal Article
Nesdoly, Andrea; Bone, Chirstopher; Fraser, Molly; Serra-Sogas, Norma; Canessa, Rosaline 2023 Evaluating models for classifying movement of whale-watching vessels Journal Article
Sprogis, Kate R; Holman, Dirk; Arranz, Patricia; Christiansen, Fredrik 2023 Effects of whale-watching activities on southern right whales in Encounter Bay, South Australia Journal Article
Rocha, Diana; Marley, Sarah A; Drakeford, Benjamin; Potts, Jonathan; Gullan, Angie 2023 Effects of dolphin-swim activities on the behaviour of an Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin population off the south coast of Mozambique Journal Article
Langle-Flores, Alfonso; López-Vázquez, Zinthia; Chávez-Dagostino, Rosa M.; Aguilar-Rodríguez, Adriana 2022 COVID-19 Impacts on Whale-Watching Collaboration Networks Journal Article
De la Cruz-Modino, Raquel; Cosentino, Mel 2022 Conservation Hub: The Added Value of the Whale-Watching Industry Journal Article

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