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Ying, Jiang; Xuelei, Zhang; Zhiguo, Yang; Arifin, Jaaman Saifullah; Qinzeng, Xu; Marzuki, Muda Azmi; Masrini, Muhamad Hairul 2019 Preliminary analysis of echolocation signals produced by fleeing Irrawaddy dolphins (Orcaella brevirostris) Journal Article
Williams, Rob; Veirs, Scott; Veirs, Val; Ashe, Erin; Mastick, Natalie 2019 Approaches to reduce noise from ships operating in important killer whale habitats Journal Article
Wilks, Jeff; Lück, Michael; Orams, Mark 2019 Passenger Safety on Whale Watching Vessels in Australia Journal Article
Tkaczynski, Aaron; Rundle-Thiele, Sharyn 2019 Identifying whale-watching tourist differences to maximize return on investment Journal Article
Senigaglia, V.; Christiansen, F.; Sprogis, K. R.; Symons, J.; Bejder, L. 2019 Food-provisioning negatively affects calf survival and female reproductive success in bottlenose dolphins Journal Article
Schuler, Alicia R.; Piwetz, Sarah; Di Clemente, Jacopo; Steckler, David; Mueter, Franz; Pearson, Heidi C. 2019 Humpback Whale Movements and Behavior in Response to Whale-Watching Vessels in Juneau, AK Journal Article
Schuler, Alicia R.; Pearson, Heidi C. 2019 Conservation Benefits of Whale Watching in Juneau, Alaska Journal Article
Prakash, T.G. S.L.; Jayakodi, S.; Amarasingh, N.S. 2019 Current perceptions and the need for a strategic plan for the whale watching industry in Mirissa, Sri Lanka Journal Article
Pacheco, Aldo; Silva, Sebastián; Alcorta, Belén; Gubbins, Salvador; Guidino, Chiara; Sanchez-Salazar, Fiorella; Llapapasca Ll, Miguel; Balducci, Nadia; Larrañaga, Eduardo; Zapata, María; Grados, Estefanía; Valdivia, Camila; Pinasco, Giancarlo; Garcia Cegarra, Ana; Cáceres, Daniel; Biffi, Daniella; Silva, Lorena; Auger, Andrea; Jaramillo-Calle, Vannesa 2019 Cetacean Diversity Revealed from Whale-Watching Observations in Northern Peru Journal Article
Nunny,Laetitia; Simmonds,Mark P. 2019 A Global Reassessment of Solitary-Sociable Dolphins Journal Article
Joy, Ruth; Tollit, Dominic; Wood, Jason; MacGillivray, Alexander; Li, Zizheng; Trounce, Krista; Robinson, Orla 2019 Potential Benefits of Vessel Slowdowns on Endangered Southern Resident Killer Whales Journal Article
Fumagalli, Maddalena; Cesario, Amina; Costa, Marina; Notarbartolo di Sciara, Giuseppe; Harraway, John; Slooten, Elisabeth 2019 Population ecology and the management of whale watching operations on a data-deficient dolphin population Journal Article
Gende, Scott M.; Vose, Lawrence; Gabriele, Christine M.; Preston, Rich; Hendrix, A. Noble 2019 Active Whale Avoidance by Large Ships: Components and Constraints of a Complementary Approach to Reducing Ship Strike Risk Journal Article
Fiori, Lorenzo; Martinez, Emmanuelle; Orams, Mark B.; Bollard, Barbara 2019 Effects of whale-based tourism in Vava’u, Kingdom of Tonga: Behavioural responses of humpback whales to vessel and swimming tourism activities Journal Article
Fiori, Lorenzo; Martinez, Emmanuelle; Bader, Martin K.-F.; Orams, Mark B.; Bollard, Barbara 2019 Insights into the use of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to investigate the behavior of humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) in Vava'u, Kingdom of Tonga Journal Article
Erbe, Christine; ; Marley, Sarah A.; Schoeman, Renée P.; Smith, Joshua N.; Trigg, Leah E.; Embling, Clare Beth 2019 The Effects of Ship Noise on Marine Mammals—A Review - Ship Noise Impacts Marine Mammals Journal Article
Bejder, L. ; Videsen, S. ; Hermannsen, L.; Simon, M. ; Hanf, D. ; Madsen, P. T. 2019 Low energy expenditure and resting behaviour of humpback whale mother-calf pairs highlights conservation importance of sheltered breeding areas Journal Article
Tenan, Simone; Hernández, Noelia; Fearnbach, Holly; de Stephanis, Renaud; Verborgh, Philippe; Oro, Daniel 2020 Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems Journal Article
Wu, Haiping; Peng, Chongwei; Huang, Hu; Jefferson, Thomas A.; Huang, Shiang-Lin; Chen, Mo; Zeng, Qianhui; Yu, Xueying; Wang, Xianyan; Xu, Youhou 2020 European Journal of Wildlife Research Journal Article
Zeppel, Heather; Muloin, Sue 2014 Green messengers or nature's spectacle Book Section

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