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Forestell, P 1992 The anatomy of a whale watch Journal Article
O'connor, S 2008 Whale and dolphin watching in the pacific islands region phase 2: country case study. Whale watching tourism in the Kingdom of Tonga—a report for the international fund for animal welfare and Operations Cetac Report
Minke Whale Project 2012 MWP Research Newsletter # 12 (June 2012) Journal Article
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Brenner, Ludger; Mayer, Marius; Stadler, Claudia 2016 The economic benefits of whale watching in El Vizcaíno Biosphere Reserve, Mexico Journal Article
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Cornejo-Ortega, Jose; Chávez Dagostino, Rosa; Malcolm, Christopher 2018 Whale watcher characteristics, expectation-satisfaction, and opinions about whale watching for private vs community-based companies in Bahía de Banderas, Mexico Journal Article
D’Lima, Coralie; Everingham, Yvette; Diedrich, Amy; Mustika, Putu L.; Hamann, Mark; Marsh, Helene 2018 Using multiple indicators to evaluate the sustainability of dolphin-based wildlife tourism in rural India Journal Article
de Vos, Asha; Christiansen, Fredrik; Harcourt, Robert G.; Pattiaratchi, Charitha B. 2013 Surfacing characteristics and diving behaviour of blue whales in Sri Lankan waters Journal Article
do Valle, Anderson Luis; Melo, Francielli Cristine Cunha 2006 Behavioral alterations in the gray dolphin Journal Article
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Guzman, Héctor M; Félix, Fernando 2017 Movements and Habitat Use by Southeast Pacific Humpback Whales Journal Article
Higham, James E. S.; Bejder, Lars 2008 Managing Wildlife-based Tourism: Edging Slowly Towards Sustainability? Journal Article
Hill, Alex N.; Karniski, Caitlin; Robbins, Jooke; Pitchford, Tom; Todd, Sean; Asmutis-Silvia, Regina 2017 Vessel collision injuries on live humpback whales, Journal Article
Hill, Wendy; Byrne, Jason; Pickering, Catherine 2015 The ‘hollow-middle’: why positive community perceptions do not translate into pro-conservation behaviour in El Vizcaíno Biosphere Reserve, Mexico Journal Article
Holt, M. M.; Hanson, M. B.; Giles, D. A.; Emmons, C. K.; Hogan, J. T. 2017 Noise levels received by endangered killer whales Journal Article
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Di Clemente Jacopo; Christiansen Fredrik; Pirotta Enrico; Steckler Dave; Wahlberg Magnus; Pearson Heidi Christine 2018 Effects of whale watching on the activity budgets of humpback whales, Journal Article

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