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Gómez-Gallardo, A; Monte Madrigal, L del; Urbán, J 2014 La observación turística de ballenas en laguna San Ignacio: de México para el mundo Journal Article
O'connor, S 2008 Whale and dolphin watching in the pacific islands region phase 2: country case study. Whale watching tourism in the Kingdom of Tonga—a report for the international fund for animal welfare and Operations Cetaces. Report
Agardy, Tundi; Cody, Mary; Hastings, Sean; Hoyt, Erich; Nelson, Anne; Tetley, Michael; Notarbartolo di Sciara, Giuseppe 2019 Looking beyond the horizon: An early warning system to keep marine mammal information relevant for conservation Journal Article
Anderson,R.C. 2005 Observations of cetaceans in the Maldives, 1990-2002 Journal Article
Anderson, R.C.; Sattar, S. A.; Adam, M.S. 2012 Cetaceans in the Maldives: a review Journal Article
Bach, Lydia; Burton, Michael 2017 Proximity and animal welfare in the context of tourist interactions with habituated dolphins Journal Article
Bertulli, CG; Cecchetti, A; Van Bressem, MF; Van Waerebeek, K 2012 Skin disorders in common minke whales and white-beaked dolphins off Iceland, a photographic assessment Journal Article
Castro, Cristina; Kaufman, Greg; Ponce, Hamilton 2015 Whalewatching Growth And Socioeconomic Development Of Communities In The Machalilla National Park – Ecuador Report
Fisheries and Oceans Canada 2018 Recovery Strategy for the Northern and Southern Resident Killer Whales (Orcinus orca) in Canada Book
Catalan, Cesar Guala; Hucke-Gaete, Rodrigo; Troemel, Jorge Ruiz 2011 Whale-watching opportunities in northern Patagonia, Chile Journal Article
Cecchetti, Arianna; Stockin, K.A.; Gordon, Jonathan; Azevedo, José 2019 A first assessment of operator compliance and dolphin behavioural responses during swim-with-dolphin programs for three species of Delphinids in the Azores Journal Article
Cecchetti, Arianna; Stockin, Karen A.; Gordon, Jonathan; Azevedo, José M. N. 2018 Short-term effects of tourism on the behaviour of common dolphins (Delphinus delphis) in the Azores Journal Article
Cheung, Lewis T. O.; Ma, Anson T. H.; Lam, Theresa W. L.; Chow, Alice S. Y.; Fok, Lincoln; Cheang, C. C. 2020 Predictors of the environmentally responsible behaviour of participants: An empirical investigation of interpretative dolphin-watching tours Journal Article
Christiansen, Fredrik; Nielsen, Mia L. K.; Charlton, Claire; Bejder, Lars; Madsen, Peter T. 2020 Southern right whales show no behavioral response to low noise levels from a nearby unmanned aerial vehicle Journal Article
CINMS, support staff 2016 Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary Marine Shipping Working Group Final Report Report
Cisneros-Montemayor, Andrés M; Townsel, Amanda; Gonzales, Claire M; Haas, Andrea R; Navarro-Holm, Estrella E; Salorio-Zuñiga, Teresa; Johnson, Andrew F 2020 Nature-based marine tourism in the Gulf of California and Baja California Peninsula: Economic benefits and key species Journal Article
Corbelli,C. 2006 An evaluation of the impact of commercial whale-watching on humpback whales, Megaptera novaeangliae, in Newfoundland and Labrador and of the effectiveness of a voluntary code of conduct as a management strategy Thesis
Failla, Mauricio; Iñíguez, Miguel A; Fernandez-Juricic, Esteban; Tossenberger, Vanesa 2004 Effect of vessel traffic on Commerson's dolphin ( Cephalorynchus commersoniiObservation of a blue whale ) in Bahia San Julian, Patagonia, Argentina Report
Fiori, Lorenzo; Martinez, Emmanuelle; Orams, Mark B.; Bollard, Barbara 2020 Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to assess humpback whale behavioral responses to swim-with interactions in Vava’u, Kingdom of Tonga Journal Article
Gardea-Ojeda, Manuel 2005 Evaluación del Ecoturismo en Laguna San Ignacio, BCS (México), mediante su valoración económica por el Método de Costo de Viaje y el análisis comparativo con otras actividades económicas Thesis

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