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Antarctic: Whale Watching Platforms of opportunity in new frontiers View Case Study
Argentina: Península Valdés, Chubut A multi-stakeholder, multi-faceted, adaptive approach to regulation of whale-watching View Case Study
Australia- Great Barrier Reef Swimming with little giants View Case Study
Australia: Port Phillip Bay Adaptive management aimed at increasing compliance View Case Study
Brazil: Praia do Forte Assessing the carrying capacity for whale watching in a Protected Area View Case Study
Canada: Mingan Island Cetacean Study Research-based tourism View Case Study
Dominican Republic: Samaná Bay The strengths and challenges of co-management of whale watching View Case Study
Egypt- Samadai Reef Time area closures and zoning to protect resting spinner dolphins View Case Study
Enforcing whale watching regulations Anecdotes and practical tips from enforcement officers at opposite ends of the world View Case Study
India: Chilika Lagoon Conserving marine biodiversity through people’s participation View Case Study
Kenya: Watamu Whale and dolphin watching as an alternative to fishing and a means of reducing marine mammal bycatch View Case Study
Mexico- Loreto Bay A passive observation method for sustainable blue whale watching View Case Study
Mexico: Laguna San Ignacio, Baja California Sur Alternative livelihoods and increased income for fishing communities View Case Study
New Zealand: Kaikoura Adaptive management of an industry in harmony with traditional values View Case Study
Panama: Bocas del Toro Can Tourists and community members turn the tide for dolphins? View Case Study
Portugal: The Azores Whalers turn their skills to whale watching View Case Study
Spain: The Canary Islands Sustainability Charter in Tenerife View Case Study
The ACCOBAMS High Quality Whale Watching® Certificate A multi-stakeholder certification scheme developed for sustainable whale watching in the Mediterranean Sea View Case Study
The Netherlands: Studio Bruinvis Land-based dolphin watching with a technical twist View Case Study
Tonga Swimming with humpback whales View Case Study

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