Region-specific species ID guides

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Responsible tour operator checklist

This checklist distills the content of the section on Questions to ask when booking a whale watching tour' to help potential whale watchers identify responsible tour operators.

The Best Whale Watching in Europe A guide to seeing whales, dolphins and porpoises in all European waters

Popular WDCS guide to some of the best whale watching in Europe: land-based sites, tour operators and recommended best practice.

NOAA regional Guides to Marine Mammals

2-page illustrated PDF guides to marine mammals with summaries of marine mammal viewing guidelines

whale photo-identification Guide for Naturalists and Citizen Scientists: South Georgia and the Antarctic Region

This 2-page A4 brochure provides hints and tips and examples of photos that can be taken by naturalist guides or tourists in order to contribute to research and conservation in the Antarctic.

Vancouver Aquarium guide to marine mammals in British Columbia

6-page illustrated PDF guide to Marine mammals in British Columbia

Les cétacés de La Réunion dans l’océan Indien

Des guides d’identification, et fiches pédagogiques qui vous permettront de mieux connaître l’environnement marin de La Réunion. Produit par l'ONG Globice.

Guides produced for St. Vincent and the Grenadines by Whale and Dolphin Conservation

Illustrated guides and posters of humpback whales and other species found in the Caribbean

Tourist Guide of Whalewatching in Colombia.

An English language guide to whale watching in Colombia, focusing on humpback whales. To be cited as: Arias-Gaviria, D., Muñoz-Vargas, C.A. & I.C. Avila. Tourist Guide of Whalewatching in Colombia. Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Vice Ministry of Tourism, Directorate of Quality and Sustainable Development of Tourism of Colombia. Bogotá, Colombia. 61p.

Observación responsable de delfines de río

Two Spanish language guides to watching river dolphins in the Amazon and Orinoco river basins, one in a two-page summary format, and the other an 84 page illustrated booklet with information about other flora and fauna that can be observed in the rivers.

Australian guide to whale blows and surfacing patterns

This illustrated guide helps whale watchers recognise whale species by the blows and surfacing patterns.

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