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The table below contains downloads and links to documents and resources that whale and dolphin watching operators may find useful for developing their activities and business plans.  Other resources that may be useful to industry stakeholders include:

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A Blueprint for Dolphin and Whale Watching Development, by Erich Hoyt

Humane Society International manual by Erich Hoyt in English Spanish, and French.Indonesian and Japanese versions also available. Co-sponsored by WDC, IFAW and the French MPA Agency, with HSI.

Report of the International Whaling Commission: Whale Watch Operators Workshop

Report of the workshop held on 24-25 May 2013 , organized by the IWC’s Working Group on Whale Watching, Brisbane, Australia

Whale Watching Worldwide Tourism numbers, expenditures and expanding economic benefits

A 2009 report from the International Fund for Animal Welfare, Lead by Simon O’Connor with support from Roderick Campbell, Tristan Knowles, Hernan Cortez, Francis Grey, Erich Hoyt and Miguel Iñíguez

Report of the International Workshop on the Educational Values of Whale Watching

Report of the workshop held in Provincetown, Massachusetts, USA 8th May - 11th May, 1997

Business Planning for Environmental Enterprises

A manual written by Edward Millard and published by Conservation International. ‘The purpose of this manual is to strengthen the use of good business practice in the field of environmental enterprise development. It provides guidance in planning enterprises so that they achieve financial viability, socioeconomic development for local populations, and conservation of the region’s natural resources—the triple bottom line’

Small Business Administration

A website with practical guidance on how to plan, launch, manage and grow a small business

Whale Sense Resources USA

Whale Sense has compiled resources for captains, guides, passengers, teachers and students. These include links to key laws and regulations, species identification guides, photo-ID catalogues for well studied whale populations in different areas, and much more. These are grouped by region- Alaska and the Atlantic.

European Ecotourism Network

This site includes a handbook on how to meet the European Ecotourism Labeling Standards (EETLS). Although some aspects are very specific to this labeling scheme, most aspects are relevant to good ecotourism practice anywhere in the world.

World Cetacean Alliance

The WCA provides capacity building for the whale watching industry, including training courses for operators and guides.

The American Cetacean Society - Educational resources

This 46-page teaching guide is a fun and exciting tool for educators interested in introducing their students to whales, dolphins, and porpoises.

whale photo-identification Guide for Naturalists and Citizen Scientists, South Georgia and Antarctic Region

This 2-page A4 brochure provides hints and tips and examples of photos that can be taken by naturalist guides or tourists in order to contribute to research and conservation in the Antarctic.

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