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Fumagalli,Maddalena; Guerra,Marta; Brough,Tom; Carome,William; Constantine,Rochelle; Higham,James; Rayment,Will; Slooten,Elisabeth; Stockin,Karen; Dawson,Steve 2021 Looking Back to Move Forward: Lessons From Three Decades of Research and Management of Cetacean Tourism in New Zealand Journal Article
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Scarpaci, C.; Parsons, E. C. M.; Lück, M. 2008 Recent Advances in Whale-Watching Research: 2007-2008 Journal Article
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Scarpaci, C.; Parsons, E. C. M.; Lück, M. 2008 Recent Advances in Whale-Watching Research: 2006-2007 Journal Article
McDowell Group 2020 Economic Analysis of Whale Watching Tourism in Alaska Report
Self, Holly; Stack, Stephanie H.; Currie, Jens J.; Lusseau, David 2021 Tourism informing conservation: The distribution of four dolphin species varies with calf presence and increases their vulnerability to vessel traffic in the four-island region of Maui, Hawai‘i Journal Article
Hoarau, Ludovic; Dalleau, Mayeul; Delaspre, Sylvain; Barra, Thibaut; Landes, Anne-Emmanuelle 2020 Assessing and Mitigating Humpback Whale (Megaptera Novaeangliae) Disturbance of Whale-watching Activities in Reunion Island Journal Article
Seyboth, Elisa; Félix, Fernando; Lea, Mary-Anne; Dalla Rosa, Luciano; Watters, George M.; Reid, Keith; Secchi, Eduardo R. 2021 Influence of krill (Euphausia superba) availability on humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) reproductive rate Journal Article
Hooper, Lindsay K.; Tyson Moore, Reny B.; Boucquey, Noëlle; McHugh, Katherine A.; Fuentes, Mariana M. P. B. 2021 Compliance of dolphin ecotours to marine mammal viewing guidelines Journal Article
Urbán, Jorge R.; Viloria-Gómora, Lorena 2021 Challenges of Whale Watching and Swim With Dolphins in Mexico Journal Article
Jackson, J. A.; Kennedy, A.; Moore, M.; Andriolo, A.; Bamford, C. C. G.; Calderan, S.; Cheeseman, T.; Gittins, G.; Groch, K.; Kelly, N.; Leaper, R.; Leslie, M. S.; Lurcock, S.; Miller, B. S.; Richardson, J.; Rowntree, V.; Smith, P.; Stepien, E.; Stowasser, G.; Trathan, P.; Vermeulen, E.; Zerbini, A. N.; Carroll, E. L. 2020 Have whales returned to a historical hotspot of industrial whaling? The pattern of southern right whale Eubalaena australis recovery at South Georgia Journal Article
Villagra,Damian; García-Cegarra,Ana; Gallardo,Diego I.; Pacheco,Aldo S. 2021 Energetic Effects of Whale-Watching Boats on Humpback Whales on a Breeding Ground Journal Article
Barra, Thibaut; Bejder, Lars; Dalleau, Mayeul; Delaspre, Sylvain; Landes, Anne-Emmanuelle; Harvey, Max; Hoarau, Ludovic 2020 Social Media Reveal High Rates of Agonistic Behaviors of Humpback Whales in Response to Swim-with Activities Off Reunion Island Journal Article
Luzar, Jane E.; Diagne, Assane; Gan, Christopher; Henning, Brenda R. 1995 Evaluating Nature-based Tourism Using the New Environmental Paradigm Journal Article
Wiener, Carlie; Bejder, Lars; Johnston, David; Fawcett, Leesa; Wilkinson, Paul 2020 Cashing in on Spinners: Revenue Estimates of Wild Dolphin-Swim Tourism in the Hawaiian Islands Journal Article
Notarbartolo di Sciara, Giuseppe; Baldwin, Robert; Braulik, Gillian; Collins, Tim; Natoli, Ada 2021 Marine Mammals of the Arabian Seas Book Section
Bennington, Steph; Rayment, Will; Currey, Rohan; Oldridge, Lucy; Henderson, Shaun; Guerra, Marta; Brough, Tom; Johnston, David; Corne, Chloe; Johnson, David; Slooten, Liz; Dawson, Steve 2020 Long-term stability in core habitat of an endangered population of bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus): Implications for spatial management Journal Article
Pacheco, A. S.; Llapapasca, M. A.; López-Tejada, N. L.; Silva, S.; Alcorta, B. 2021 Modeling breeding habitats of humpback whales Journal Article
Burnham, Rianna E.; Duffus, David A.; Malcolm, Christopher D. 2021 Towards an enhanced management of recreational whale watching: The use of ecological and behavioural data to support evidence-based management actions Journal Article

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