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Gleason, Christine; Parsons, E. C. M. 2019 Recent Advances in Whale-Watching Research: 2018-2019 Journal Article
Guidino, Chiara; Campbell, Elizabeth; Alcorta, Belen; Gonzalez, Valeria; Mangel, Jeffrey C.; Pacheco, Aldo S.; Silva, Sebastian; Alfaro-Shigueto, Joanna 2020 Whale Watching in Northern Peru: An Economic Boom? Journal Article
Guzman, Héctor M; Félix, Fernando 2017 Movements and Habitat Use by Southeast Pacific Humpback Whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) Satellite Tracked at Two Breeding Sites Journal Article
Hin, Vincent; Harwood, John; de Roos, André M. 2019 Bio-energetic modeling of medium-sized cetaceans shows high sensitivity to disturbance in seasons of low resource supply Journal Article
Holt, M. M.; Noren, D. P.; Emmons, C. K. 2011 Effects of noise levels and call types on the source levels of killer whale calls Journal Article
Holt, Marla. M.; Noren, Dawn. P.; Veirs, Val.; Emmons, Candice. K.; Veirs, Scott. 2008 Speaking up: killer whales (Orcinus orca) increase their call amplitude in response to vessel noise Journal Article
Kahn, Benjamin 2007 Blue whales of the Savu Sea, Indonesia Conference Paper
Kassamali-Fox, Ayshah; Christiansen, Fredrik; May-Collado, Laura J.; Ramos, Eric A.; Kaplin, Beth A. 2020 Tour boats affect the activity patterns of bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in Bocas del Toro, Panama Journal Article
Mallard, Graham 2019 Regulating whale watching: A common agency analysis Journal Article
Mandl, Chiara 2020 Cumulative Exposure of Sperm Whales to Whale Watching Boats using Spatially-Explicit Capture- Recapture Models Thesis
Mangott, Arnold Hubert; Birtles, Robert Alastair; Marsh, Helene 2011 Attraction of dwarf minke whales Balaenoptera acutorostrata to vessels and swimmers in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area – the management challenges of an inquisitive whale Journal Article
Marega-Imamura, M.; De Carvalho, Gustavo Henrique; Le Pendu, Y.; Sousa da Silva, P.; Schiavetti, Alexandre 2018 Behavioral responses of Sotalia guianensis(Cetartiodactyla, Delphinidae) to boat approaches in northeast Brazil Journal Article
New, Leslie; Lusseau, David; Harcourt, Robert 2020 Dolphins and Boats: When Is a Disturbance, Disturbing? Journal Article
Noren, D. P.; Holt, M. M.; Dunkin, Robin C.; Thometz, Nicole M.; Williams, T.M. 2016 Comparative and cumulative energetic costs of odontocete responses to anthropogenic disturbance Journal Article
Noren, Dawn P.; Holt, Marla M.; Dunkin, Robin C.; Williams, Terrie M. 2017 Echolocation is cheap for some mammals: Dolphins conserve oxygen while producing high-intensity clicks Journal Article
Öhman, Kristin; Christiansen, Fredrik; Jiddawi, Narriman; Amir, Omar; Levenson, Jacob; Smith, Jamison; Berggren, Per Seasonal occurrence, group structure and behaviour identify breeding area of humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) off Zanzibar, East Africa Journal Article
Pirotta, E.; New, L. 2020 Predicting the effects of whalewatching activity on the vital rates of Eastern North Pacific blue whales Report
Piwetz, Sarah 2019 Common bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) behavior in an active narrow seaport Journal Article
Ana Patricia Rosero Ramírez 2017 Pesca incidental de cetáceos con redes de enmalle de superficie en Ecuador Journal Article
Ribeiro, Sandra; Viddi, Francisco; Freitas, Thales 2005 Behavioural Responses of Chilean Dolphins (Cephalorhynchus eutropia) to Boats in Yaldad Bay, Southern Chile Journal Article

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